Continuously accelerating change on a global level generates pressures and fears, which as an entrepreneur I am quite familiar with. If we can place ourselves at the hub of this wheel, while it is spinning faster and faster, we are anchoring ourselves in the centre while calmly observing the activity at the periphery. How would we like being able to remain in touch with the inner source of safety, stability and creative power in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives? I have developed a few efficient techniques to that end, which I am happy to impart under the heading of “Stout-hearted Steadfastedness.
As an entrepreneur I had the opportunity of testing the effects changes in my own consciousness had on entrepreneurial action.

I therefore know

  • that the purpose and justification of any company lie in the service it renders to society;
  • that success thrives wherever inner fire and professional competence unite with outer service;
  • that employees on all levels are most strongly motivated when their personal need for purpose is in harmony with the business culture;
  • and that, bearing in mind all of the above as well as sound basic commercial principles, profit will occur as a natural consequence of managing a business with a view to serving life.

The corporate culture just described is characterised by the principle of sharing abundance with society and will be more beneficial for everyone involved – society, consumers, associates, staff, owners – than a culture of fear based upon manipulating people through their neediness and their tendency to become victims: from pressure to attraction; from fear to love; from being a victim to becoming a creator.

I gladly make myself available as a coach and mentor to escort self-responsible, entrepreneurial-minded leaders on the demanding path to a turnaround guided from within. During the implementation phase, I continue to assist the process upon request; as for the practical work, I rely on the cooperation of competent colleagues belonging to a younger generation.

 The essential steps of the process may be outlined as follows:

  • Quest for purpose among the Board of Directors and Management.
  • Discovering the vision in a wider setting (working in large groups with executives and staff, optionally also with representatives of customers and politicians.
  • Full implementation involving the rational, emotional, vital and material aspects of the company.


Careful evaluation of the situation and its requirements mark the first step on the path. pfeil Contact form