Our inner Self as an aspect of prior unity is perfect; I see it as our unique potential seeking expression in our present life. However, this uniqueness is often veiled. As a consequence of being entangled in old patterns and compulsions, we feel disconnected. Pressures, fears and worries, anger and rage, feelings of unworthiness or an insatiable thirst for recognition might then determine our experiences and behaviour.

The Five-Day-Retreat offers an opportunity to encounter the ancient roots of present limitations and, guided by your inner Self, to understand and release them layer by layer. This process will reveal your unique Self as an inalienable source of unconditional love and wisdom more and more clearly. You will find new confidence, free yourself from inner restraints and attain a new understanding of self-responsibility, purpose and zest for life.

 Five half-day individual sessions in an environment of piece and quiet. Accommodation in our guesthouse (kitchen-cum-living). 

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In case you require more information, I am available to speak to you on the telephone or in person. Please send a message to arrange an appointment.