To count on outer circumstances or other people in order to feel safe and secure may, in times of rapid transformation, quickly lead to precarious ground. The unconscious fabric of survival impulses and individual and collective imprints will provide unpredictably physical and emotional responses, as well as a hardening of preconceived notions, to outer, often merely imagined threats.

The only way we can gain the necessary resilience through outer fluctuation is through attaining an inalienable state of belonging within our deepest core. This state is based upon our experience of prior unity and its inherent power, wisdom and love.Once we are able to meet turbulent emotions from a securely anchored, open heart, they will calm down and reveal the true challenge of the present moment.

Valiant steadfastness is attainable by everyone. At this time, co-responsible world citizens prepared and able to uphold their values are needed in all areas. It is my pleasure and my privilege to accompany individuals on this journey.


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