It is crucial for the health and wellbeing of our spirit, soul and body that the energy-fields surrounding and pervading us be of a harmonious nature. Psychic disharmonies and blockages are often the cause of mental and physical illness.

I facilitate the attunement to the presence of a deep wisdom and love transcending rational awareness. Out of the surrender to an intelligence beyond the personal wishes of the facilitator arise the quality, the measure and the intensity of the energy-balancing appropriate to the given moment, regardless of physical distance

The knowledge and tools needed for the energy-transfer, along with an essential understanding of responsibilities as well as an awareness of the facilitator’s appropriate limits of action , are taught to individuals and in small groups.

In addition to this, I research the potentials and prerequisites for the harmonisation of the energy fields of groups, institutions and corporations, as well as the foundations of successful cooperation within coherent networks.

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