Each of us finds him- or herself at a very particular stage on our path towards fulfilling our most precious potential — initially for our own well-being, and then for a greater good. At this phase in my life, I consider it an enormous privilege to be able to share the experiences of life I have gained on often winding routes by offering guidance to others.

I would be glad to support you in

  • Finding your spiritual home in the Absolute, the source of all-encompassing wisdom and love that each of us carries within us;

  • Discovering the meaning of your own existence and how to manifest it in your daily life through your feelings, thoughts and actions;

  • Identifying and transforming the inner and outer blockages that prevent you from freely unfolding your potential;

  • Intensifying your original experience of Being and transforming it into a fruitful life.

 I would be delighted to discuss these aspects and more with you.


You can contact me in the following ways, without any obligation:
hans@hansjecklin.ch - 043 244 96 88

Where: Oberdorfstrasse 5, 8001 Zurich (near Stadelhofen/Bellevue)

Fee: A donation to the E&H Cultural Foundation at your discretion and according to your means.

Account details:
E&H.-Kulturstiftung Zürich
IBAN: CH90 0900 0000 8775 8488 0